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Can’t see SharePoint databases in DPM.

Problem: When I try to select my SharePoint database in DPM I get the follwoing error:

The SharePoint farm cannot be protected because  DPM did not find any dependent  databases to be protected ( ID:32008 )


Here is the error


DPM is able to enumerate all SharePoint Databases in the SQL instance, so we can back them up through SQL like any other SQL database, but that leaves us with a much less granular backup solution taking away the ability to restore changes/deletions using to Sites, and farms. 



1.       Run the SQL 2005 Client Tools – the only part of this installation required was the Connectivity Tools.  I also installed the Management Studio for viewing the SQL Server if needed.  The connectivity tools are needed from the DPM 2007 SP1 in order to resolve SQL Client Aliases. We had the tools installed on SQL server but were not aware of the need to have them on SharePoint as well.


2.       Change the DPM client for SharePoint to use the farm administrator account.  It was previously configured using the same account as DPM, which is the Domain Admin account. You must use the farm admin account or the databases will not enumerate when creating your protection group.




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