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DPM encountered a retryable VSS error

Problem: If you are trying to protect Hyper-V images using Data Protection Manager 2007  you may come accross the following error:

DPM encountered a retryable VSS error. (ID 30112 Details: Unknown error (0x800423f3) (0x800423F3))

Cause: The Hyper-V VSS Writer enters into a Failed State.


Verify the State by typing "vssadmin list writers" in an administrative command prompt

Solution:  You need to upgrade the version on your Integration Services via the Hyper-V Management Console.

  • Login to the Hper-V server and open Hyper-V Manager
  • On the top menu, click Action – Insert Integration Services Setup Disk. on 2008 the autorun should start up, but if not just open up My computer and run the setup for the Integration Services disk.)


  • A restart of the VM is required. 
  • Go back to the Hyper-V server in the administrative command prompt and restart the VMMS.

Type "net stop vmms" then "net start vmms"

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