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Exchange 2003 and The token supplied to the function is invalid ID: 80090308


When trying to open Public Folders in Exchange Admin I get the error

“The token supplied to the function is invalid ID”


The virtual direcotry Exadmin is set to require SSL


1. In the properties of the virtual root Exadmin in IIS, go to the “Directory Security” tab.
2. In the “Secure Communications” section select “Edit”.
3. Make sure to deselect “Require secure channel (SSL)” and “Require 128-bit encryption.”
4. If the “Require 128-bit encryption.” is selected and greyed out, make sure to select “Require secure channel (SSL)” and deselect “Require 128-bit encryption.” then deselect “Require secure channel (SSL)” again.
5. Goto Windows 2000/2003 Support Tools and launch ADSI Edit.
6. In the left side pane expand the Configuration container.
7. Expand the following:
CN=Microsoft Exchange
CN=Administrative Groups
CN=First Administrative Group
8. Right Click on CN=Exadmin and choose Properties.

Scroll down to “msExchSecureBindings” in the list of attributes.
10. Mark it and click “Edit”.
11. Mark the :443: entry, click “Remove” and then “Ok”.
12. Click “Apply” and then “Ok”.
13. Close out of ADSI Edit, close and reopen Exchange System Manager and test Public Folder access again.

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