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DPM encountered a retryable VSS error

Problem: If you are trying to protect Hyper-V images using Data Protection Manager 2007  you may come accross the following error:

DPM encountered a retryable VSS error. (ID 30112 Details: Unknown error (0x800423f3) (0x800423F3))

Cause: The Hyper-V VSS Writer enters into a Failed State.


Verify the State by typing "vssadmin list writers" in an administrative command prompt

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The job has been cancelled because of the failure of another job on which it depended. (ID 912)


Using Microsoft Data Protection my SQL backups started failing.  The failed jon log said

The job has been cancelled because of the failure of another job on which it depended. (ID 912) 


The SQL VSS writer enters a bad state.  To make sure this is your problem open an administrative command prompt and type the following:

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Can’t see SharePoint databases in DPM.

Problem: When I try to select my SharePoint database in DPM I get the follwoing error:

The SharePoint farm cannot be protected because  DPM did not find any dependent  databases to be protected ( ID:32008 )

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Exchange 2003 and The token supplied to the function is invalid ID: 80090308


When trying to open Public Folders in Exchange Admin I get the error

“The token supplied to the function is invalid ID”

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Form Required to View This Message Cannot be Displayed

When I use my calendar to create a new appointment I get the following error:

The form required to view this message cannot be displayed.
Contact your administrator.
The Frmcache.dat file has become corrupted.
rename the Frmcache.dat file located in the <windows>\forms directory. Then perform one of the following two procedures (A or B) to recreate the file. Then perform C.

Outlook Web Access (OWA) Red X on new emails


Outlook Web Access running on Windows Server 2003 SBS with all current patches

Incoming messages are displayed normally.  If we try to create a new message, the message body is not shown, but a small red X is displayed in the top left of the area where the message body should be.  This also happens if we try to forward or reply to a message.  Everything else is working as it should.

Is something blocking the display of this section of the message body.

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